Brothers and Sisters

    With Thanksgiving upon us, I have tried to look back and see some things I personally am thankful for. God, Family and the UAW. So many people in this country are less fortunate than myself. I have a faith which was taught and lived by my parents, I have a wonderful  loving family and I belong to an organization that fights for a better life for me and my family.

    We have brothers and sisters with some very serious health concerns that we need to uplift and pray for. The holidays can be very stressful to a lot because of family members that have passed on. Life goes on and the sun will come up tomorrow regardless, so please love the ones you still have. If you are having problems coping with the holidays, please feel free to contact me or our EAP Rep Gary Roseboro.

    Also, we are doing our UAW Local 5285 "Toys for Tots" toy drive so please try to drop a new unwrapped toy in the collection boxes in the breezeway. It is always a blessing to give to those who are less fortunate and see a kid's face light up when they receive a present. Also we would like to challenge each team to come up with 2 bikes and helmets. Donations will be collected at the plant until December 7th and at the Union Hall until 10am on December 8th. Let's make a difference in the community.

    In closing, I would ask each member on the floor to look out for their Brothers and Sisters and look forward to some time off over the next 2 months. Relax and enjoy what you have worked for all year.

                                     In Solidarity,

                                     Billy Rose

President and Shop Chair Billy Rose has made himself accessible to you, the membership, to answer your questions and concerns.

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The Bountiful Blessings Food Pantry, Mt Zion Restoration Church in Gastonia, had a great turn out on Friday March 30, 2018. Brother Joe Manning ,church member (Post Chassis), Brother Sam Kistler (Final Cab) and President/Shop Chair Billy Rose helped pass out food for about 3 hours. Joe and his Pastor Rodney Freeman thanked UAW Local 5285 for our monetary donations to help make it possible. 

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