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Updated April 18 2014



         President's Pen                     


Dear Brothers and Sisters,

We,as an E Board,as a Bargaining Committee and as a Union Membership desire to be successful.We desire to achieve a beneficial outcome for us all.But in order to have a good success,it is essential that we work together. The success of this membership depends on us all working together for the common good. I am confident in our E Board,our Bargaining Committee and in our Membership.I believe we have what it takes ,to bring about good success
I do not agree with the discontented members in our membership,who are constantly casting doubt about the future,who are behaving rudely and have nothing but negative things to say.I know it is their right to express their opinions.I  support their right to express themselves.However,some are discontented because of fear and some because of personal prejudice.But whatever their reasons,it is not beneficial for anyone,for our Union to appear divided.The only one who benefits is management.So I ask you as your elected leader to build up not tear down,to work with those you have elected and do your best for the common good.
I know that we,as a Local have had a lot of change.We all know that embracing change is one of the hardest things a person or a group can do.The way we negotiate will never be the same,due to the  Master Contract,that was approved before I took office.So I ask you as your President/Shop Chair to embrace what is coming.We must adapt to the changes.
We have had some highs and we have had some lows,I ask you,as a member in the Local 5285, to stop blaming others.The blame game solves nothing.Also, stop spreading rumors,because rumors are false and negative.Do you really respect those who spread them?
We must stay focused on our goals.Our number one goal is to reach an agreement with DTNA,So I encourage you to keep your eyes on the vision.You are an amazing group of workers! You deserve the best. I am committed to doing my personal best for this membership.I encourage you to stand with your President/Shop Chair and the Leadership team!
So in closing,teamwork is the key to success.When we work together,we cannot help but be Victorious! We all make mistakes, so try to be forgiving of others. Anger solves nothing and only breeds more mistakes. So build up and compliment each other! It will make a better day for all!
Fraternally yours,
Dan Stephens
President Shop/Chair
Local 5285 


                  Raffle Winners

     David Foster        Larry Saunders            Mike McManus
   Dwight Petty               Bob Riggins                 Ed Wise

   Michael Blalock            Robert Bell                 Brent Marr

     Chris Redding

   The UAW Local  5285  retiree meeting will be held on April 8th , 10 AM at Mt Holly Union Office . We will have a guest speaker, Joshua Teitelbaum, from Senater Hagan's DC office. 


                      2013 Veterans Day Ceremony                                      


    Retiree  Meeting                         April 8 2014    
   Union Meeting                            April 12 2014

The following Standing Committees will meet after each regular monthly Union meeting

  • Veterans  ...  Chair -   Billy Stephens
  • Chaplaincy....  Chair -  Janice Glenn
  • Education ...   Chair -   Tammi Love 
  • Womens  ...   Chair -   Stacey Hinson 
  • The Civil and Human Rights  Committee  will meet  the Thursday before each  regular monthly Union meeting . Meeting Place is in the  Cafeteria at Mt Holly Plant                                                                                                                                      

    March On Washington 2013


    March On Washington 2013


    •    Local 5285 at the 50th Anniversary of "I have A Dream Speach"

      March On Washington 2013 

  • UAW Color Guard
      UAW members pose for group picture before the lineup
    NASCAR Hall of Fame

      UAW Local 5285 Color Guard led the  Labor Day Parade 

    President Barack Obama came to our Plant in 2012

    We marched in the Selma to Montgomery March in 2012

    Selma to Montgomery Alabama March 

             Tillis protest in Belmont NC   

    Tillis Protest  in Belmont NC

    Supporting the Buy American Campaign at Charlotte NC

    Smithfield workers supporting UAW in North Carolina Rally 


    Labor day parade in Charlotte NC

    Washington DC Rally for Workers rights


    Hickory NC Rally for Workers Rights 

    UAW Local 5285 went to Virginia to support 2069 in the Volvo Strike 


    We went to the US Capitol to support workers rights 


    Labor Day Parade


    Labor Day Parade

    Obama Visit 


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