President and Shop Chair

Billy Rose

 Brothers and Sisters,


   First and for most, be sure to vote in the upcoming Local 5285 general elections for the candidate of your choice. The candidates are on all the union boards and the website. The vote will take place in the training room on May 19th.

   Secondly, the maintenance members were told of a rumor that I have followed up on. The question brought to me was, has a raise for maintenance been sent up to heavy truck department at UAW International and was the International holding this up? I have spoken to everyone up the protocol chain, all the way up to President Ray Curry. Nothing has crossed Ray’s desk on the matter. A member of heavy truck did have conversation with the company/corporate about looking into more money for the maintenance members. The COMPANY was not interested in renegotiating for more money. The Union will never turn down any benefit for its members.

   As always, let us be our brothers and sisters keepers. Let us build each other up and be positive role models for each other.


                                             In Solidarity

                                   President/Shop Chairman

                                            Bobby Phillips