Brothers and Sisters,

I want to thank the membership for allowing me to lead this local union once again. As your President/Shop Chair, we will focus on educating our new members, improving representation in the plant, and building the best product for our customers. 

I also would like to thank Brother Bobby Phillips and his team for making sure I had smooth transition back into the seat of President/Shop Chair.

The local union website will be our main line of communication with this membership. This leadership is here to serve you. We will have a lot of training opportunity for our members to participate in. I want to welcome all new members to UAW Local 5285 family.

We have several standing committees our members can join. Constitution and By-Laws, Education, Conservation/ Recreation, Community Service, Civil and Human Rights, Citizenship and Legislative, Consumer Affair, Veterans, Women, Union label and Retired Members. If you want to join, a committee just let your Union Representative know.

I want to encourage all members to take an active role in your union. Because you the membership is the union.  I want you to hold my officers and me accountable. Because you deserve our best.

We win only when we stand together.

In Solidarity,

Ricky McDowell

President/ Shop Chair

UAW Local 5285