President and Shop Chair

Billy Rose

Greetings Brothers and Sisters,
   I just wanted to reach out and let the whole membership know what is going on behind the scenes at this point. Your local Bargaining Committee has completed our list of concerns and proposals and how to move forward with them. First a timeline as this set of negotiations is different than any other with the local language being first on the agenda with a timeline of approximately 2 weeks and  returning to the plant while the other locals bargain their local language. Remember that no member of the bargaining team can disclose any of the meetings or proposals, etc. If you ask they are going to look at you and tell you the same thing, we can’t discuss negotiations at this point. The DTNA Council has completed our Common language proposals and we are ready for common bargaining towards the end of March, which include Health and Safety, Benefits and wages as well as all common language. Please be mindful to support your Bargaining Committees and DO NOT BELIEVE ANY RUMORS. There will be rumors and they are designed to create doubt and distract from what is important.

On the membership’s part we need everyone to show why we are number 1 and continue to build the Best Quality trucks and buses on the road. Daimler is number 1 because of the commitment of ALL the employees and we will always strive to maintain this position. The UAW family consists of Mt Holly Truck plant, Mt Holly PDI Center, Gastonia Parts plant, Cleveland Truck plant, Cleveland PDI Center, Thomas Built Buses, Atlanta Parts Distribution, Memphis Parts Distribution as well as Detroit Diesel which is not in negotiations with us this round. Remember there is strength in numbers and Brothers and Sisters in this we have to remain in Solidarity!!

Mt. Holly is the original UAW represented facility and we are justified to be very proud of this legacy. We have been through the ups and downs of the trucking industry and are still standing tall and proud. It does my heart and soul good to see the numbers have increased under our Region 8 leadership and International Heavy Truck leadership. Mt. Holly is 97% union and that leads all represented facilities. Our membership percentage is unheard of in a Right to Work state located in the south. 

I ran on Integrity and being available to the membership. I have not turned down one meeting that anyone has scheduled or ask for after a monthly membership meeting. I am always willing to schedule an in-plant meeting by calling 7092.

Remember a “Fair Days Work for a Fair Days Pay” and Respect and Dignity is the basis of the Union. Each and every member is the Union. If we work and bargain in solidarity we will be successful in bargaining a new agreement that benefits the whole membership!! 

                                    In Solidarity Now and Forever,


                                      BILLY ROSE 

                                     UAW LOCAL 5285 BARGAINING CHAIRMAN

                                      DTNA COUNCIL VP