Brothers and Sisters,

After one year back in office I promised to train the next generation of union leaders, improve representation and build the best truck for our customer. As of today, we have trained alternate Union Reps. Standing Committee Chairs have been trained to fulfill their obligation as chairpersons. These standing committees are very important for the future of our local union. In order for our local union to continue to lead, we must continue to educate our membership. I am fully committed to doing that.  

Union Representation in the plant has improved and we will always continue to evaluate it. Representation is one of our top priorities. This leadership will always look at what we can do to better serve you. As your president, I truly believe that you should get what you pay for. I want you to hold my officers and me accountable for giving you fair and just representation.

I want to thank the Mt. Holly Team and Members of local 5285 for continuing to stride towards building the best quality truck for our customers. We are able to achieve our goals because of the hard work you perform on these trucks every day. Brothers and Sisters your hard work is greatly appreciated by this leadership.


I will be taking the bargaining Committee out periodically to start preparing for negotiations. We will be sending out surveys to the membership in the near future. These surveys will give the bargaining committee the direction and the voice of what you the membership desire in the next contract. I ask my membership to start preparing for upcoming negotiations next year. Our contract expires April 26, 2024.

Once again, I want to thank you for allowing me to serve as your president. I truly believe we are going to do great things together.

We win only when we stand together.

In Solidarity,

Ricky McDowell
President/ Shop Chair 
UAW Local 5285