President and Shop Chair

Billy Rose

Brothers and sisters,

Looking back, since taking over in mid-June, I have been busy working for the whole membership. I can assure you that your committee persons have been working hard also.  I love and appreciate all of the members of our Great Local Union and I will strive to keep everyone informed and represented. Like I said before, the door to this office is open at any time for our members. I ask everyone one to pray for the Mt. Holly plant and that the truck market would pick back up. Your elected representatives and executive board are working hard for all members. We have a stocked food bank for laid off members and their families, so please utilize it.  Anything else we can help with? Give us a call at the Union Hall, 704-822-0839. 

 My in plant office number is 704-822-7092, for anyone with concerns or that would like to schedule a meeting. For any of our laid off members who would like to schedule a meeting, we can do it at the local union hall.

The grievance report is not too bad with only a handful of violations mainly on Materials for unjust discipline, A few more in Final Cab related mostly to unjust discipline and an ongoing scheduling violation in CIW. Rest assured the union is working hard to resolve said issues. 

Please remember those who have lost loved ones as this is a hard time of the year for a lot of us. Say an extra prayer for those and our laid off members.

Remember we need to continue to be the “Showcase” plant and keep our eyes on being the #1 truck manufacturing plant in the world. This is how we help get our members back to work.

In closing I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Please be safe and enjoy your family.

                                                           In Solidarity,

                                                           Billy Rose

                                                           President/Shop Chairman