President and Shop Chair

Billy Rose

The last few months will be recorded in history as a very trying time for the world. It shows us that as a nation and a people we have to be prepared for anything. From our unexpected furloughs from work, household products and food shortages. The struggle to get unemployment filed and paid. Everyone’s bills kept coming in the mail.
I hope and pray that we have came through the worst of it.
  On the current events with the murder of George Floyd, I can’t fathom anyone watching the videos that is not absolutely outraged. Make no mistake, it was out right murder. I don’t understand how a group of officers or anyone else could have that much evil in their hearts and absolutely no compassion. With the charges against all the officers, we the people have to make sure they are held accountable when their day in court comes. The news showed rioting and looting one day but the next day the good news started coming out as protestors lined up to stop the looting and burning, police chiefs in Florida and Texas went out to see the protestors, prayed with the protestors and even walked arm in arm with each other. History has shown us that “real change” has to be made. We have to demand this never happens again. It is our duty as a Union and Americans to always stand up for social justice. Churches and communities are coming together and we can’t let this moment slip away.
Demand change, be involved in the change. It is what our nation is founded on, being free and having the right and obligation to protect our rights to protest. The First Amendment is our most sacred right as citizens.
 Remember and never forget-Eric Garner, Ezell Ford, Tamir Rice, Walter Scott, Philando Castile, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd and many more. We have got to demand real change.
  I’m sure there are questions as to the supply chain and if we will have any more weeks off? What I’ve been told lately is we are good for the near future. I’m really proud of 5285’s voracity and commitment to our customers.
Hopefully we can resume Membership meetings in July or August.
                                In Solidarity,
                                  Billy Rose​