President and Shop Chair

Billy Rose

Greetings Brothers and Sisters,
    I know that everyone is curious about the upcoming negotiations and surveys. Your local Bargaining Committee will be coming around to union members with surveys no later than the 1st week of October. Remember to keep up with your survey because you will only receive 1 survey. Fill it out and return it to YOUR REP. We will start negotiations sometime in February. Remember one thing, “UNITED WE BARGAIN AND DIVIDED WE BEG”. It is important to not believe any rumors while negotiations are in progress and remember that your committeepersons cannot divulge any proposals while negotiations are in progress. Your Bargaining Committee will keep its focus on the top survey items.                                                  
    On another note, we have had situations lately where workers have been questioned by management that led to discipline being issued prior to the union reps getting called; I want to remind everyone of their Weingarten Rights; You have the right to tell management that you do not wish to talk to them on any issue or answer questions that could in any way lead to discipline without your Union Rep present. You need to request representation any time you feel that the discussion could lead to a write up or worse; Management then will either call the rep and wait on them to arrive or end the discussion. To request your rep at any time tell your supervisor or member of management to call for your Union Rep.                               

                                    In Solidarity Now and Forever, Billy Rose